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     There are many ways to support SpraySeeMo and help us reach our goal of successfully throwing this remarkable, unconventional, and uniquely expressive festival without a hitch...




+  A large-scale mural festival needs lots of wall space, of course!  Do you have a building that needs a bit of brightening up? Let one of our artists paint it up for you!  
 See the form at the bottom of this page to submit your intent of participation!
We accept wall donations that allow the muralists’ complete artistic freedom to fully express their individual visions. We do our best to pair buildings/walls with the artists of their choice, but it is not guaranteed. The festival will not accept a wall for the painting of any signage, branding, or other specific theme. If you and/or your business are interested in any of those options, we can still help facilitate your painting needs - just not for the festival. Thank you!



+  We like to show our artists what this community’s hospitality is all about, and what better way than to feed these hard working painters with the equally colorful cuisine of the Crossroads?!  Helping with artists’ meals can include hosting a lunch or dinner (at your restaurant, residence, or even renting a food truck), gift cards to eateries or cafes, offering exclusive discounts or coupons for participating artists...
+  See the form at the bottom of this page to submit your intent of participation!



+  We wouldn’t have successfully completed last year’s festival without the amazing support from all 20 of our financial sponsors and donors.  Together we were able to reach our goal of $20,000. This year we are doubling our goal (and our aspirations!) and looking to raise $40,000!  This funding goes toward artist travel, accommodations, materials and equipment, and compensation for embellishing our neighborhood their talented work! And there’s perks for your patronage!  
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SPONSORSHIP page for more details...



+  Want to lend a hand during the festival?  We are looking to pair a volunteer with an artist and their wall to help with whatever they need.  This can include keeping bottles of water well stocked at the wall during working hours, delivering paint and other supplies to the site, driving the artist to and from the site, and general painting (we’ll leave the hard parts to the pros!).
+  See the form at the bottom of this page to submit your intent of participation!

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