SPRAYSEEMO is truly a Crossroads Community Event -
Created by community members,
Painted by community members,
Enjoyed by community members,
and very, very, importantly SUPPORTED by community members!!!
*That being said, this festival is for everyone no matter what your community is... 
when you come party with us, you're a part of us!*


All sponsorship and patronage funds go directly towards making this festival a reality for everyone.
Funding pays for everything that goes into creating and executing events during the festival (music, exhibitions, collaborations with local business owners, etc.), materials and equipment for each mural, artist expenses (meals, travel, room & board, etc.), as well as the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes stuff!

Every little bit of support helps so check out the below levels of sponsorship, patronage & donations
to see what you can contribute today!  Thank you!!

Add Your Contribution

Fat Cap Sponsors
$10,000 +

-Social Media blasts 2-3 times a week leading up to, and daily during, the festival
-Have an event named after your brand/business (such as our main music event)
-Logo featured on ALL marketing/advertising materials
-Representation on website

Become a FAT CAP Sponsor


Black Dot Sponsor

$3,000 +

-Social Media blasts once a week
-Logo/name included on website and marketing/advertising materials
-Includes Artist Experience (See Artist Patron Section for details)

Become A BLACK DOT Sponsor


Skinny Cap Sponsor
$1,000 +

-Social Media blasts once a week
-Logo/name included on website and marketing/advertising materials

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Artist Patron

-Covers travel and material expenses for a particular artist of your choice (any extra funding for that artist will go towards compensation for time and talents!)
-Get the Artist Experience
which includes:
+Receiving the same artist-only offers at participating Crossroads businesses
+Receiving special invites/access
-Representation on our website

*Please email us or submit the form at the bottom of this page to receive a list of available artists for patronage!

**If you have/own a building we will work with you and the artists to find the best fit but, unfortunately, all walls are not created equal. Sponsoring a particular artist does NOT guarantee that they will be the one to paint a mural on your building. Please contact us with any questions!!

Become an Artist Patron

Donate Another Amount

Thank you for your support!


In-Kind Contributors

-We are seeking the donation of walls, services such as providing meals to participating artists, and individuals to volunteer their time during the festival.
-Contributors will receive the same benefits as the above sponsor levels based on monetary equivalent of goods and/or services.

*Click HERE for more information.





John Burr

Parlor KC


InKind Contributors