Let’s show these artists what good ol’ Midwest hospitality feels like!!!

We want to thank our artists for coming in to our growing city and helping to enhance it’s ever-changing facade! Our goal is to raise funds to rent a house in Miami, FL during Wynwood Walls and Art Basel in December. This shared group space will act as a type of residency, or catalyst, for the artists to use to further their careers - whether emerging or established mural painters.

All weekend long, Sept 14-16th, we invite you to ITAP, the International Tap House, to help support the participating artists! Order a glass (or two…or three!!) of Cinder Block’s Weathered Wit beer on tap, let them know you’re there for SpraySeeMO, and then 30% of the proceeds from that keg will go towards our Miami Group-House Fund!

Miami is a truly spectacular beast to behold when it’s streets, walls, galleries, and everything else around gets transformed by the diverse and down-right dope artists of all styles, backgrounds, ages and visions. This tremendously vast array of world-class talent descends upon Miami with full force and it coalesces into the biggest festival-art-show ball on the planet…

One of those really rad things is AWALL. The AWALL Festival is a new mural festival similar to ours here in KC. It debuted last year in December during all the other intense and incredible happenings in Miami, such as Wynwood Walls and Art Basel. AWALL took place in just outside that area in the Bird Road Arts District and was spear-headed by Registered Artist, who had recently been a part of our first festival too, SolaNoir. Many of the artists participating in our festival will have the chance to also participate in AWALL. This funding will help sponsor a shared house to help ease the cost and logistics of traveling for the festival.

So let’s raise a glass to the muralists and the dazzling work they are leaving behind!